This is for fun.

One thing I realized writing The Smoked Aces is that when I know the ending to a story, it stops being fun to write. This probably wasn’t noticed in the end of The Double Dealing Diva, because I didn’t know it at the time. I was bordering on the revelation, but the crystal hadn’t dropped into the supersaturated liquid yet. In talking to my brother, he thought that I ended the story that way because I didn’t know how to get the detective to solve it. My thought process was more along the lines of “I know the ending, so why drag it out?” Thus, I ended it in my own style.

Due to lack of excitement in writing the next story, and being busy at work, I got off the daily schedule of writing and just quit doing daily installments. Unfortunately, once that seal was broken, it is more difficult to resume the same schedule. There is no longer the driver that is “I haven’t missed an update yet, so come up with something.”

Long story short (too late), updates will be more sporadic until I get a good streak going.

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